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Music of The ‘X’ Zone                                               MYTH-CONCEPTIONS

                                                     MYTH: Monkeys and apes groom each other by picking off fleas and ticks. And then they eat them.
                                                     FACT: They’re actually removing dead skin(but they do eat it).

                                                     MYTH: More suicides occur during the Christmas season than at any other time of year.
                                                     FACT: Suicides are pretty evenly dispersed throughout the year, but springtime actually has the most
                                                     MYTH: Bats are rodents.
                     Healing Within                  FACT: Although bats are similar to rodents, they have more in common with primates (which includes
                                                     us) than they do with rodents.

                                                     MYTH: If you’re arrested, you’re entitled to make one phone call.
                                                     FACT: There’s no law anywhere that guarantees this. It’s just a courtesy or privilege offered, not a legal
                                                     right. (Some jurisdictions might even let you make a second call.)

                                                                                           THAT’S DEATH
                                                     DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY
            Radio/TV Program Production                     “A Thai ice-cream truck driver died laughing in his sleep, the newspaper The Nation reported.
                                                     Damnoen-Saen-um, 52, laughed for about two minutes and then stopped breathing.The newspaper said
                                                     Damnoen’s wife tried to wake him but he kept laughing. ‘It is possible that a person could have a heart
                                                     attack while laughing or crying too hard in their sleep,” said Dr. Somshai Chakrabhand, deputy director
                                                     of the Mental Health Department. ‘But I have never see a case like this before.’”
                                                                                                                                 - Herald Sun, Australia

                                                     BRITON OF THE SEA
                                   “An Englishman has applied for permission to be fed to Great White Sharks off South Africa
                                                     after he dies. Robert Blackwood, a property developer, wants his dead body into the waters off Gans
               Print & Digital Publishing            Bay, Cape Town.He admits that he has never seen a live shark or been to South Africa - he made his de-

                                                     cision after watching a television documentary by the author of Jaws. Gans Bay resident George Smit,
                                                     who has been diving with sharks for 23 years, says the idea wouldn’t work because white sharks aren’t
                                                     interested in human blood. ‘The sharks wouldn’t give it a second glance,’ he said. ‘It would rot and be
                                                     eaten by crayfish.’”
                                                                                                                           - Sunday Times, South Africa

                                                     DEATH INSURANCE
                                   “A cemetery in Santiago, Chile, is offering its clients with sensors that detect any movement
                                                     inside after they have been buried. According to a spokesperson for the cemetery, ‘We want to be pioneers
                Dr. Bernie Beitman, MD               and avoid catalepsy cases, in which a person gets completely paralyzed for a few hours and ends up
                                                     buried as if they were dead. We want families to rest assured that fi a case like this ever happens their
                                                     loved ones will be immediately rescued.’”
                                                                                                                                            - BBC News

                                                                                        KUNG FU WISDOM

                                                     Serious philosophy or TV gobbledegook? You be the judge. These quotes are from the only Buddhist
                                                     Western in television history, Kung Fu.

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                                                     “Man, like the animal, is meant to live in groups. But the meaning of belonging to a group is focused in
                                                     the comfort of silence and solitude.” - Master Kan
            The fact that you are reading
               this right now proves that            “No man can see through another’s eyes or hear through his ears, or feel through his fingers.” - Caine
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               for you! Email us today!              “Does not tomorrow begin now?” - Caine

                                                     “ Superstition is like a magnet. It pulls you in the direction of your belied.” - Master Po

                                                     “A man feels grief. One who does not fails in his capacity to be a man.” - Caine
                  Find You Path Home
                                                     “Learn first how to live. Learn second not to kill. Learn third how to live with death. Learn fourth how
                                                     to die.” - Master Po

                                                     Caine: Our bodies are prey to many needs. Hunger, thirst, the need for love. Shall we then seek to satisfy
                                                     those needs?
                                                     Master Kan: Only acknowledge them, and satisfaction will follow. To suppress a truth is to give it force
                                                     beyond endurance.

                                                     “Perfect wisdom is unplanned. Perfect living offers no guarantee of a peaceful death.” - Master Po
               The ‘X Zone TV Channel
                                                     Caine: What is the greatest obligation that we have?
                                                     Master Po: To live, Grasshopper. To live.

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